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Center Industrial Supply Corporation’s Technology Center was established in line with our mission of providing the latest technology in welding and cutting solutions to Philippine industries. It is located in the high growth industrial area of Calabarzon, in Filinvest Technology Park, Calamba, Laguna. The facility is a combination of a demo, process and training center under one roof. It is a manifestation of our commitment to be partners for progress with our customers by providing leading-edge solutions coupled with the training and support necessary to ensure success. With the Technology Center, customers are able to fully experience our innovative technologies and solutions first-hand.


We view our customers as our partners, and with every customer, we aim to build long lasting relationship. As such, we put high value to providing timely, reliable, and quality after-sales service support.

Let us know how else we can help you. Our service team is always available for you.


We showcase some of the latest technology in welding and cutting – technology and systems, both manual and automated – that aim to help our customers achieve increased productivity and improved quality, supporting our customers for a higher level of competitiveness.


We support our customers in product and process evaluation and development. In our facility, we can conduct sample welds, test, evaluate and suggest the best process for a particular work piece, and assist in determining the best parameters that will produce optimum results. We can also assist the customer with a time and motion study when required.


We provide trainings on process knowledge and equipment operation and maintenance. Trainings are conducted both in the classroom and with actual equipment and systems for a hands-on learning experience. These are done in an ideal environment free from distractions and allowing full focus for the learners.

Repair Request

We are here to help you with repairs, troubleshooting, and replacement parts. 

If you have equipment that need servicing or repair, you may use the online form to submit your request or you may call / email us. We can help your staff perform simple troubleshooting or workarounds and determine the next steps as needed.

For non-urgent repair, please fill up the form below and our service team will contact you shortly.

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    For urgent repair request, please contact us at the following or through your sales representative.

    Standard Equipment/Standard Automation

    Contact Number: +02 8 3739651


    Robots & Automated Cutting / Drilling Systems (CNC)

    Contact Number: +049 572-2719 


    For Visayas & Mindanao Customers

    Cebu Office

    Contact Number: +032 268-7512


    Davao Office

    Contact Number: +082 224-6032

    Request for Manuals and Spare Parts Lists

    Operation manuals are included in the product package when sold. Spare Parts list are included in the operation manuals of some equipment. To request for an electronic copy of the operation manual or a spare parts manual, please fill up the form below and we will send you the requested information if available. We may also contact you for additional information needed.


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      General Description

      Center Industrial Supply Corporation (CISC) certifies that all products sold are free from defects in workmanship and material as of the time and place of delivery by CISC. Should any failure occur within the warranty period of the equipment, CISC shall repair or replace, at its absolute discretion, any components or parts of the equipment that prove to be defective in material or workmanship upon CISC’s inspection and evaluation

      CISC warranty policy covers only products purchased from us. Therefore, CISC assumes no responsibility for warranty of product we sell but purchased through other suppliers, local or foreign. 

      Any machine replaced under warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. 

      Returned goods, shipping and handling of the equipment is not covered by warranty and shall be at the customer’s risk and expense.

      In all cases, CISC reserves the right to inspect the equipment and to repair where it is feasible, practical, and safe to do so.


      NOT Covered by Warranty

      Warranty shall not apply to the following: 

      • Any part or component that fail due to misuse, abuse, accident, improper installation, incorrect application or lack of maintenance of the equipment 
      • Wear or consumable parts that has a limited life such as gas nozzle, contact tips, cutting electrodes, liners, and feed rollers, unless where manufacture- or material failure is proven 
      • Accessories such as torches, work cable assemblies, welding cables, air/gas regulators unless where manufacture- or material failure is proven
      • Items that can break in the normal course of use and wear, such as cooling fan, switch, potentiometer, and magnetic contactor other than where the fault is caused by or due to an obvious and/or visible manufacturing defect
      • Parts subject to replacement due to normal wear and deterioration and parts which require routine mechanical, electrical and electronic adjustments 
      • Defects and/or functional difficulties attributable to altered parts or any change or modification made to the equipment without the prior consent of CISC
      • Failures or damages caused by the customer or environmental conditions 


      Other Terms & Conditions

      • Under no circumstances shall CISC be liable for any consequential loss or damages including but not limited to expenses and direct or indirect losses due to the machine being out of service. 
      • No claim of any kind, whether or not based on warranty or negligence, as to the equipment shall be greater in amount than the purchase price of the equipment in respect to which the claim is made. 
      • Warranty shall be voided if equipment has been repaired, disassembled or altered by person or party not authorized by CISC.

      Contact Technical Support

      Whether you need technical support, or just have a question, we are here to help. You can contact us via phone or email.

      You can also complete the form below to submit a for any technical questions or requests you have. 

      Standard Equipment/Standard Automation

      Technical Support

      Contact Number: +02 8 3739651 



      Welding & Cutting Process Concerns

      Contact Number: +049 572-2719



      Robots & Automated Cutting / Drilling Systems (CNC)

      Service / Technical Support

      Contact Number: +049 572-2719



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