Product description

Pipe Cold Cutter for heavy wall steel pipe in pipe and pipeline welding operations

The portable pipe cold cutting machine DLW has been developed in cooperation with European Offshore industry. A high metal removal rate, a large adjustment range and easy setup is given with this outperforming cold cut machine. The high working speed and quick readiness for use allow economic manufacture of these machines.

Pipe Cold Cutting Machine Applications

The pipe cold cutter DLW is versatile in machinery applications and can perform many operations. Pipeline cutting with this equipment provides the best solution.


The application range of the pipe cold cutter is from 2 – 48 inch (76 mm – 1219 mm) O.D. and for wall thickness up to 80 mm. The split construction type machines can be mounted on assembled stretches of the workpiece. Special equipment like remote control are available for limited access.

The pipe cutting machine is designed in a compact way with aluminum alloy components, which give huge benefits to welder. The machine is very compact for limited access operations and reduced in weight for more ergonomic work.


Intended Use of Pipe Cold Cutting Machines

The DLW pipe cold bevel machine is designed for cutting, beveling and counter boring of piping, pipelines for production and repairs. With a special adapter flange preparations are possible.

The transportable pipe cold bevel machine, type DLW for the preparation of pipes and pipelines, can be nearly used without limitations on site. The machines are extremely lightweight, do not require much space and simple to install. 

The pipe cold cutting machine, type DLW, has three different motor possibilities: Compressed air, electric or hydraulic drive. Any cutting tool is possible.