OTC WT3510 CO2 MIG/MAG Blue Torch II


  • Super Ergonomic grip for easy operation
  • Extensive selection from 180A to 500A
  • Improved connection design features more durability
  • Using spring support at joint that subdues bending cable and delivers smooth wire feeding and reduced wire feeding troubles


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Product description

The Most Advanced Ultimate CO2/MAG/MIG Welding Torch

  • 350A (CO2)
  • 300A(MAG)
  • Sizes – S/M/L
  • 60% (CO2) / 30%(MAG)
  • Cable Length: 3mm/4.5mm/6mm
  • Cooling Method: Air Cooled

Feature 1: Ergonomic design and soft grip which delivers operators less fatigue for a long time during the welding operation

Feature 2: Consumable parts are compatible with conventional Blue Torch Series (for example: Nozzle, Orifice, tip, etc.)

Feature 3: Soft and flexible coaxial cable that delivers superior wire feeding and durability

Feature 4: Using a spring at the torch joint prevents bending the cable, delivers smooth wire feeding, and reduces wire feeding troubles.

Feature 5: Improved connection design features more durability