CG2-11G Hand Pipe Cutting Machine

Product description

CG2-11G Hand Pipe Cutting Machine

This machine is made in aluminum alloy so that it is light. It adopts chain link to lock and tighten the tube so that the operation is agile and convenient.

The number of chain link can be increased or reduced according to the diameter of tube to be cut.

Bevel I, Y, V (45O).

It is applied to field operation without any power supply needed.

It is applied in petroleum, chemical, boiler industry, etc. With the use of chain equipped on the machine, the unit can cut up to pipe diameter of 2000mm


Model No.   CG2-11G

Outline dimension of whole machine LxWxH (mm) 420X280X450

Dia of circle cutting (mm)     >100

Cutting thickiness (mm)            6-50

Total weight of whole machine (kg)   13