CAB 44, 55, 66 & 77

For medium-duty applications

Product description

CAB 44, 55, 66 & 77
For medium-duty applications


  • Designed and robustly built to withstand rugged work environments
  • Smooth 360° lockable rotation
  • All vertical and horizontal guidings are precisely machined for smooth movement
  • Solid state inverter for variable speed of horizontal travel and travel carriage
  • Worm gearbox for vertical travel via AC motor, complete with brake for added safety
  • High tensile roller chain used for vertical travel with the addition of a counter balance system with the column that provides smooth, effortless travel
  • IP 54 pendant control station using low voltage on the generous 10 m cable
  • Anti-fall device and limit switches for all motions
  • Pay load of 300 kg at 600 mm from boom end


Power Specifications

Frequency 50 Hz
Phase 3
Voltage 380/400/415 V


Frequency 60 Hz
Phase 3
Voltage 440/460/480 V

Speeds and Capacities

Lifting Speed 1.25 m/min (49.2 in./min)
Transport Speed Boom and Rail Carriage .333-3.34 m/min (13-131.3 in./min)
Welding Speed, Boom .165-1.65 m/min (6.5-65 in./min)